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Serving Those Who Have Served Us: Barriers to Employment and Workforce Solutions for Veterans

By Caitlin C. Schnur, Workforce Research and Policy Fellow, National Transitional Jobs Network


Veterans Day is a time to celebrate all of the U.S. military veterans who have bravely served our country.  Since 2001, America has deployed over two million troops to Afghanistan and Iraq.  When these servicemen and women come home, they deserve to return to healthy and fulfilling civilian lives that include the opportunity to obtain gainful employment.  Although most post-9/11 veterans transition successfully back to civilian life, too many will have to cope with a different reality—especially when it comes to employment. Read More…

6 Good Ideas to Fight Unemployment

By Melissa Young, Associate Director, NTJN


Last week, President Obama put forward an ambitious vision for his second Presidential term in his State of the Union address, including six good ideas to fight unemployment, grow good jobs at home, and ensure that no one who works full time lives in poverty. Whether or not his vision will gain traction within the contentious ranks of our divided Congress over the course of the next four years remains to be seen. Meanwhile, in the coming months at the National Transitional Jobs Network, we’re poised to continue to fight for federal policies that get chronically unemployed Americans back to work.

Here are the six good ideas the President proposed last week:

1. Creating Pathways to Jobs For All Americans. The president put forward “an ambitious plan in his budget to support summer and year-round jobs for low-income youth and put the long-term unemployed and low-income adults back to work.” Read More…