Four Transitional Jobs Programs that Are Helping Women Succeed in the Workforce

By Annika Yates, Communications Coordinator, Heartland Alliance Policy and Research Division owmen

Women face poverty at disproportionate rates. According to the National Women’s Law Center, nearly 60% of poor adults are women, and nearly six in ten poor children live in families headed by women. In honor of Women’s History Month, we’re highlighting four transitional jobs programs that are working to even the score by helping women leave poverty behind through employment.

#1: Vermont Works for Women Vermont Works for Women is home to many programs that help women get involved in the workforce, including a transitional jobs program for women, a mentoring program for women entering the workforce after incarceration, and programs for girls that help develop self-confidence. Read our program spotlight on Vermont Works for Women here.

#2: New Moms and Bright Endeavors Bright Endeavors in Chicago teaches participants to make high-quality soy candles and bath products. The program is run by New Moms, Inc., which helps adolescent moms experiencing or at risk of homelessness to gain economic independence. Read our program spotlight on Bright Endeavors here.

#3: Women’s Bean Project Based in Denver, this group has a transitional jobs program for women  which teaches gourmet food preparation and jewelry making. You can find the products that the participants make in their online shop, and read the participants’ stories on their website. Read about the Women’s Bean Project in our 2013 holiday gift guide.

#4: Women’s Organic Flower Enterprise Hosted by the Homeless Garden Project, the Women’s Organic Flower Enterprise (WOFE) teaches participants to make a variety of products, ranging from candles to wreaths, out of dried flowers and herbs. WOFE allows the Homeless Garden Project to operate year-round and gives participants an opportunity to diversify their skill set. WOFE now includes men, although it remains committed to making the program a safe space for women. Read our program spotlight on the Homeless Garden Project here.


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